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  • Do you wish to learn a joyous, relaxed painting technique that is not only fun and colorful but will also have positive effect on all aspects of your life?

  • Do you wish to create your own beautiful, detailed and harmonious pieces of art whilst practicing active meditation and mindfulness?

  • Did you know that mandala dotting technique is a most meditative art that both grounds and centers you?

  • Did you know it benefits your sleep and your whole state of mind?

  • Are you an experienced “Dotter” wishing to expand your technical abilities, and finally learn how to easily dot your already fantastic mandalas with a brush?

  • Do you falsely believe you need a lot of patience to be able to practice this art? (Let me tell you a secret- its the other way around)...

Mandala Stone by Liona
Practical & Inspirational

This course is a practical as well as inspirational first step into this beautiful art of dot-painting. A step by step detailed masterclass designed and built to ensure clear and easy understanding and applying of dotting technique using brushes.

Whether you are a beginner who never dotted in your life or an experienced dotter wishing to fully understand and embrace this technique, you are in the right place.


In this course I´ll be teaching you:

  1. How to mix and dilute your paint to the exact point for this technique.
  2. How to prepare your surface.
  3. how to treat an revive your old brushes, and how to create great brushes for dotting.
  4. The step by step walkthrough Brush Technique for Dotting.

you´ll be practicing using special worksheets that will help you gain confidence and control brush dotting.

I´ll provide you with all the information I have on where to get your materials and tools.

...and more...


I have designed this course in a way you can listen to it while painting or watch it attentively. All lessons include background relaxing music to provide you with an easy listening experience. 

I am sharing with you some of the beautiful extra benefits of this technique and walk you through the enjoyable process of learning, practicing and creating.

I am  so excited to finally share with you my little tips and tricks, the ones I am being asked about daily by mandala-lovers and creators from all around the world. 

This course is for you if:

  • You are a mandala lover and want to learn an amazing way to create it.

  • You want to gift yourself with a satisfying, vibrant yet calming method to artistically express yourself.

  • You wish to expand your painting technique and learn a new exciting way to work with acrylics.

  • You are an experienced “dotter” that have been avoiding using brush and now want to step up and get it into your system.

  • You feel you want to gain back that quietness and patience and “be in the moment” while painting. 

  • You are looking to grow your painting skills and enjoy a wider variety of painting options.

By signing up you’ll be receiving all course materials including:

  • Tutorial videos, 
  • Slides PDFs, 
  • Practice worksheets, 
  • Bonus: Open-eyes guided meditation to listen to and practice while dotting.

You’ll also get access to a only members Facebook group and weekly Q&A Live Calls with me during the course.

Hi, My Name is Liona and I am a self-taught Dot-Master.

I have been creating and selling mandala art and related articles for the last 3 years, and in total I have been living off my painting art for the last 20 years (since 1999). 

I got into mandala painting by chance when I was preparing hand-made gifts for my vocal students and searched for a way to create those presents. 

Since I only painted at night at first, I immediately noticed that my sleep has improved as I was falling in to it easily and peacefully. 

Later, when I made mandala-dotting part of my daily routine I could see how it helped me relax and center.

At first I was just counting dots, it came as a natural habit that originated of the need to assure symmetry while painting. 

Soon I realized I was thinking of absolutely nothing while dotting- my mind was quiet for long minutes. It became my only meditation habit (oh, I’m such a restless person I could never sit and meditate like everyone else). 

Later I began listening to music, guided meditations and affirmations while painting and soon I noticed how my whole life was changing- I felt more centered, calm, and able to better handle life’s hassle and challenges. Today I can actually sit down and meditate like the rest of the people... what a joy!

While perfectioning my particular technique and precision I focus my learnings on a wide range of beneficial aspects mandala dotting has to offer. 

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Mandala Selenite Heart by Liona