Welcome to Non-Sketched Mandala Flower guided course.

I am so excited to share with you this step by step tutorial, built so you can follow it in real time and create your own dotted non-sketched flower mandala pebble with me.

The course is divided to fragmented videos which are filmed and emitted in realtime. You can stop the video, though, at any point if needed, and press play again when you are ready to continue.

Apart from being beautiful and meditative, Non-Sketched dot Mandalas are an important practice for mandala dotting skill improvement as they are the best training for your vision of symmetry. They truly help you level-up your dot abilities, to become more accurate and contributes to the beauty and total look of all your mandalas.

This course does not teach you the technique of BRUSH DOTTING, nor discusses the basics of brush dotting such as paint consistency, brush load etc... It is simply a guided tutorial to follow and paint along.

If you wish to learn the actual technique of Brush Dotting I have created a complete wonderful course where you can learn and master it in 4 weeks time.

If you wish to join that course you can click HERE.

in the meantime- follow this course and use the dotting tools you are most comfortable with for dotting.

Experiment and create!



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Non-Sketched Mandala Flower Tutorial

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What is actually


You might ask yourself what is a non-sketched dot mandala and the answer is exactly it- a dot mandala which is not sketched first.

The only "sketch" you do is finding the centre so you may place the first centre dot and from there, you begin to grow your mandala, based on placing the dots in equal distance and size so they create the symmetry.

I personally LOVE non-sketched mandalas because they are sooooo meditative, I simply zone out when I create them.

If for a second you thought that because there is no sketch, these mandalas are somewhat limited, in design, colour or beauty, I ask you to keep scrolling down and take a look at a few of my non-sketched dot mandalas collection. And yes, not one line was drawn on theses pebbles and surfaces before the dots were placed.

Hi, I’m Liona Hotta

For the past 20 years, I have been earning a living through my various creative expressions. In the last 4 years, this has been through the joy of creating and teaching mandala dot art.

Since opening The Online Mandala Dot Art Academy and launching my HOW TO DOT YOUR MANDALA WITH A BRUSH course in December 2019, over thousand students from all over the world have joined me in discovering their own bliss in brush dot painting. It is currently the first (and only!) online course that teaches brush dotting exclusively.

Teaching and sharing my knowledge with students during the Brush Dotting Course and then later in my SWIRL & SWOOSH IT course, has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! 

Round after round, in only 4 short weeks - I witness the heartening transformational process my students undergo. They start off a little disconcerted and overwhelmed as they begin to learn this new skill, struggling to find the right paint consistency and adapting their personal abilities to this new technique… and then magically one by one, they all start finishing their final projects - freely and beautifully created dot mandala canvases using brushes only. The excitement & pride they express is extremely gratifying to me as much as it is to them!

As a teacher and student myself, I understand the thrill and allure of mastering new skills – it’s exhilarating; builds confidence and self-esteem – not just in our creative endeavors, but also in our daily lives! Due to this fact, and on the request of many enthusiastic students I have decided to extend the classroom so I can continue to share my knowledge and experience beyond these courses.

I keep creating tutorials, such as this one, that are gradually exposed and served so that you, my fellow dotter, are able to evolve and continue your dot-learning journey.

You can now join our Facebook Community and connect with likeminded dot artists.

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Non-Sketched Mandala Flower Tutorial

Basic price